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Palladium is a white metal which is has a silver-grey-white color and is similar to platinum. Palladium is one of the metals that is part of the platinum group of metals. The platinum group metals share similar chemical properties.

Palladium is well suited to use with engagement rings and wedding rings.

A few short years ago the price of palladium was actually higher than platinum, however, the price of palladium is now lower than platinum, making it a more affordable option.


Quick Reference - What types of jewelry are suitable for palladium?

Ladies engagement rings


Palladium is not recommended for engagement rings. Palladium has only relatively recently begun being used in engagement ring designs, so the number of palladium engagement ring designs will normally be smaller than for other metals.

Ladies and men's wedding rings


Palladium is recommended for wedding rings

Dress rings


Palladium is suitable for use in dress rings, though the number of palladium dress ring designs will normally be limited.

Earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces


Palladium is suitable for use in earrings and pendants, though it is rarely used to make these items.