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Titanium provides several unique factors that make it a good metal for jewelry. It is very strong, more dent, bend, and scratch resistant than gold, silver, and platinum, is lightweight and importantly offers an exotic array of colors which other metals simply do not.

One factor to consider with titanium is that titanium cannot be soldered, which means that titanium rings cannot normally be resized.

Titanium rings made using pure titanium can normally be cut-off the finger in the event of an emergency, though they are more difficult to cut-off than gold, silver or platinum rings. Aircraft grade titanium rings normally cannot be cut-off in the event of an emergency.

Titanium is popular in earrings and bracelets for both ladies and men.

Quick Reference - What types of jewelry are suitable for titanium?

Ladies engagement rings


Titanium engagement rings are available, though because titanium cannot be soldered, the prong setting styles common in engagement rings cannot be made using titanium. The range of titanium engagement rings available is therefore significantly limited compared to gold and platinum engagement rings. Titanium engagement rings cannot be resized in the future because the titanium cannot be re-soldered.

Ladies and men's wedding rings


Titanium is an increasingly popular choice for wedding rings. Although the same metal is recommended for use in both a lady's engagement ring and wedding ring, some ladies are preferring to wear titanium rings with their 18kt engagement rings. Titanium wedding rings cannot be resized in the future because the titanium cannot be re-soldered.



Titanium is suitable to be used in earrings. Some titanium earrings are now available. The range available is normally smaller than for gold and silver.

Pendants and necklaces


Titanium are not commonly used in pendants and necklaces due to the inability to solder titanium, limiting the shapes and designs that can be created.



Titanium offers a lightweight alternative to gold and is more affordable for use in bracelets, making it a popular choice for men's bracelets. The color of titanium is also appealing to men and often matches the color of men's watches.